Fuse Board Replacement in Hastings
The Key Differences Between a Domestic and Commercial Electrician

Electricity provides your property with lighting, power and, in some homes, with heating too. It plays a vital role in keeping things practical and comfortable. Electricity demands that commercial space stays compliant with current safety legislation. If your property in Hastings has substandard wiring, however, you run a higher risk of electric shocks, fires and power surges. For these reasons, you must use a qualified, experienced electrician for all your requirements.

From fuse board replacements to full rewires, as well as through our services as CCTV installers and emergency electricians, Mr Powers Electrical can do it all. Our NICEIC certified team shares 20+ years of experience. As a result, we can meet all needs in the domestic and commercial sectors.

So, what are the differences between domestic and commercial electricians? If you’re asking yourself this question ahead of having electrical work completed in Hastings, we can help.

Domestic Electrical Services

When it comes to domestic electrics, work revolves around Part P of the UK Building Regulations. This governs all aspects of electrical safety. Since 2005, all work on fixed electrical installations in homes, and associated buildings, has had to comply with Part P standards. The UK standard is BS 7671:2018.

Whether you need CCTV installers or emergency electricians, a chosen professional must complete work at your home to these standards. As an accredited company, Mr Powers Electrical has full competence in testing, inspecting, installing, rerouting and replacing electrical components in residential homes.

Our team, based in Hastings, can perform:

We provide EICs (Electrical Installation Certificates) for all work completed. We advise keeping this document safe because you will need it if you ever decide to sell your home.

Domestic Work for Landlords

Rental properties have stricter laws than private residences. A domestic electrician can provide the required electrical testing and inspection services to keep your property, and the occupying tenants, safe. When everything is fully compliant with Part P and BS 7671:2018 standards, we issue the required electrical safety certificate for your safekeeping.

While landlords in Hastings run businesses, electrical work in this sector must be performed by a domestic specialist. This includes any services provided by our CCTV installers or our emergency electricians. You will need commercial expertise in shops, schools, offices, public buildings and factories.

Commercial Electrician

To operate in the commercial sector, an electrician must earn more extensive qualifications. This is because they face a broader spectrum of services. For example, a new office building may need electrical heating, an air conditioning system, emergency lighting or data cable management.

Further requirements can include:

As the above list demonstrates, commercial electricians work on a larger, more expansive scale than domestic professionals.

Due to the experience and credentials needed to perform such tasks, any individual or company with commercial expertise can work in the domestic sector, if they desire, but domestic-only professionals can’t operate commercially. In our capacity as CCTV installers and emergency electricians, we can provide numerous services with equal competence across all sectors.

This makes us the trusted choice for fuse board replacements, full rewires and all electrical services in the Hastings area.

You can see examples of our previous work on this website.

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