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Full Rewires in Hastings, Eastbourne & Across East Sussex


Much like electrical products and appliances, electrical installations in domestic, commercial and industrial properties have a finite lifespan. The length of this lifespan varies due to multiple factors such as the quality of the original workmanship, the type of wiring used and the age of the installation. In order to minimise the likelihood of faulty systems, electrics were introduced to the Building Regulations under Part P. If your property hasn’t been rewired by a fully qualified electrician in the last 25 to 30 years, it likely doesn’t comply with the necessary legislation.


Here at Mr Powers Electrical, we conduct full rewires in Hastings, Eastbourne and the surrounding areas for customers and clients in every sector. As an electrician backed by almost two decades of trade and industry experience, our work full adheres with Part P and BS 7671.

24 Hour Electrician in Hastings

Bespoke Electrical Systems


We strive for complete customer satisfaction on the full rewires we perform, so we work in close conjunction with property owners to design and install a new electrical system that meets their every need.


Part of the reason behind the malfunctioning of old electrical systems, particularly those found in period properties around Hastings and East Sussex, is their inability to handle the demands of modern living. Electricians carrying out full rewires decades ago couldn’t have anticipated the wealth of electrical products we use today, so these old systems operate under a significant amount of stress.


The combination of their age and the demands placed upon them greatly increases the risk of a fault. In worst case scenarios, this could lead to an electrical fire or electric shock.


As your chosen electrician, we design full rewires around your lighting requirements and electrical needs. While projects of this size require an element of investment and disruption, we minimise both wherever possible. This includes carrying out work outside of the busiest times at domestic homes while avoiding peak hours at commercial properties.


Naturally, the timescales we work to and the budget for the project vary depending on the size of the installation. Please contact us for a personalised, no-obligation quotation.


If you’re unsure whether your Hastings property requires a full rewiring, we have listed below some of the common warning signs that point to inadequate electrical systems:


  • A Persistent, Unidentified Burning Smell
  • Discoloured Switches & Outlets
  • Flickering Lights
  • Loose or Buzzing Outlets
  • Blown Fuses & Tripping Circuit Breaker
  • Systems with Aluminium Wiring
  • Experiencing Small Electric Shocks
  • Frequent Use of Adaptors & Extensions


Mr Powers Electrical also carries out partial rewires.

For more information about full rewires in Hastings, Eastbourne or the wider East Sussex area, call 07828 782 557.

24 Hour Electrician in Hastings
24 Hour Electrician in Hastings
Mr Powers Electrical Ltd
24 Hour Electrician in Hastings
24 Hour Electrician in Hastings