Full Rewires in Folkestone, Hastings, Eastbourne & the Surrounding Areas

Every electrical product and appliance you own has a finite lifespan. The same applies to the electrical system powering your property. The length of this lifespan varies with numerous factors. These include the type of wiring used, the quality of the original workmanship and the installation’s age. To reduce the chances of faulty systems, ‘electrical safety’ was added to the Building Regulations under Part P. If you haven’t had your home rewired by a qualified electrician in the last 25 to 30 years, it likely no longer complies with this legislation.

At Mr Powers Electrical, we carry out full rewires in Hastings, Eastbourne, Folkestone and the surrounding areas. While the Part P regulations only apply to dwellings, our electricians can fully rewire properties of any kind, be they domestic, commercial or industrial.

Our team shares over 20 years of trade experience. We also hold NICEIC certification. As such, you can rely on us for safe, effective solutions in compliance with Part P, where applicable, and BS 7671.

Are you unsure whether your property needs rewiring? The following signs indicate you may have an inadequate electrical system. You can upgrade yours with one of our full rewires.

  • Frequent use of adaptors and extensions
  • Blown fuses and tripping circuit breaker
  • A persistent, unidentified burning smell
  • Experiencing small electric shocks
  • Discoloured switches and outlets
  • Systems with aluminium wiring
  • Loose or buzzing outlets
  • Flickering lights

In addition to full rewires, our Hastings-based team also undertakes partial rewiring in Eastbourne, Folkestone and the surrounding areas.

The electricians at Mr Powers Electrical design full rewires in line with your specific needs. Projects of this size involve a certain amount of disruption and investment, but we keep both to a minimum where possible. This includes working outside of the busiest times in your home or avoiding peak hours at your commercial property.

Of course, the timescale and budget for your work will vary depending on the size of your job. Please contact us for a personal, no-obligation quote.

When Are Partial Rewires Suitable?

In short, partial rewiring is a suitable solution where full rewires aren’t necessary. For example, rather than having an old, outdated system on the verge of failure, you may only have one localised fault. You might also have budget constraints. This means our electricians can rewire your property one section at a time.

Partial rewires are an essential part of maintaining properties as they age. However, they also lay the foundations for new living spaces such as loft conversions and house extensions.

Call Mr Powers Electrical Ltd on 03333 015 050 to discuss partial or full rewires in Hastings, Eastbourne, Folkestone or the surrounding areas.