Full Rewires in Eastbourne | What You Need to Know About Electrical Checks in Private Rental Properties

Do you rent a property to occupying tenants? Or do you rent a flat or house from a private landlord? Whichever side of the Eastbourne rental market you fall into, there is some new legislation that applies to you. Coming into effect from 1st June 2020, landlords must have electrical installations in their rental properties inspected by an electrician every five years. This is a huge step in improving safety standards in the 4.5 million households currently in the private rented sector.

At Mr Powers Electrical, we provide a full range of electrical services, from fuse board replacement to full rewires. With expertise as CCTV installers and emergency electricians too, we truly offer the complete package.

Our team shares over 20 years of shared experience. As a result, we know from first-hand experience how much electrical systems and installations deteriorate with age and constant use. When left unchecked, this degrading poses a serious risk of power failure, property damage, electrocution and electrical fire.

That’s why these legal periodic inspections are vital to ongoing safety for rental properties, not just in Eastbourne, but across the UK.

What Do Electrical Inspections Involve?

When carried out by a qualified professional, periodic inspections find issues in your electrical system that need fixing to restore safety. These inspections include:

As domestic electricians and specialist CCTV installers, we provide this service for property owners throughout Eastbourne.

Electrical inspections aim to find small issues before they develop into much bigger problems. Not only does this protect the occupants living in the property, it reduces the need for large-scale solutions like full rewires and fuse board replacement.

Periodic inspections also keep the need for hiring an emergency electrician to a minimum too.

When complete with satisfactory results, we issue an EICR (electrical installation condition report). This document includes details of your inspection, our recommendations for action to take, and a declaration about the safety of your installation.

What Does This Mean for Landlords?

As an Eastbourne-based landlord, you must:

In your position as a landlord, you hold the responsibility to have inspections carried out by a competent electrician. This extends to associated repair work like full rewires and fuse board replacement, as well as urgent repairs completed by an emergency electrician.

If you’re upgrading aspects of your Eastbourne property, we also recommend choosing a proven specialist, i.e. reputable CCTV installers for CCTV systems.

What Does This Mean for Tenants?

Your landlord must, by law, ensure the electrical system of your rental home is safe for the duration of your tenancy.

Are you a new tenant moving into a property? Then your landlord should hire a competent electrician to complete this before you move in.

Do you have an existing tenancy? Then your landlord has until 1st April 2021 to complete the necessary electrical inspections and tests.

Once complete, your landlord must provide you with a copy of the EICR. This confirms that your Eastbourne property is safe.

At Mr Powers Electrical, we take huge pride in the quality of our domestic services. Our full rewires, fuse board replacements and many other services fully comply with the Part P regulations. We apply the same demanding standards for every service we undertake, from those as emergency electricians to those as CCTV installers.

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