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Your Guide to EICRs

Can you remember the last time you had your electrical system inspected? The current versions of the IET Wiring Regulations and BS 7671 recommends specific time intervals for inspections by a competent electrician. These differ depending on whether you own a private home, a rental property or business premises in Brighton. Following your inspection, you will receive an EICR (Electrical Inspection Condition Report).

This report assesses the condition of electrics.

For example, you could need to book in with us for one of our full rewires, or perhaps a fuse board replacement. You may even need services from our emergency electricians or CCTV installers. Of course, you could also have a perfectly safe system with no reported issues at all.

When completed, the EICR rates your electrical system in one of three different categories:

There’s never a bad time to invest into work like partial and full rewires, a fuse board replacement or any other service we provide as electricians and CCTV installers. However, the EICR often acts as a catalyst for system improvements.

Whether you need us for less urgent scheduled work, or as emergency electricians, Mr Powers Electrical remains the trusted choice with discerning property owners in Brighton.

Do I Need an EICR?
Over time, your property’s electrical installations will deteriorate. If left unchecked for a significant period of time, your system could become a safety risk. Faulty wiring and appliances can easily start electrical fires. Improperly insulated wiring can also cause dangerous electrical shorts.

Whether you’re a homeowner, a landlord or a business owner, you must arrange the necessary checks on the condition of your property’s electrics. This not only minimises danger, but it also ensures you stay ahead of potentially costly issues.

Swift action could be the difference between partial and full rewires, or you might only need us to perform a fuse board replacement as opposed to more extensive repair work.

Our electricians and CCTV installers always comply with BS 7671. As such, we will recommend EICR inspections at your Brighton property in adherence with the following guidelines:

The Consequences of Not Having an EICR

When it comes to EICRs and the law, there are some grey areas. It is not yet a legal requirement to have an updated EICR. However, business owners and landlords are legally responsible for the safety and welfare of employees and tenants. As such, you will be prosecuted if unsafe electrics cause harm.

As time-served emergency electricians and CCTV installers, we cannot overstate the importance of a valid EICR if you’re looking to buy a new home in the Brighton area. No matter how much you fall in love with a property, you must check that it has a current electrical report before making an offer.

There are countless examples of people taking the previous owner’s word that a property has a good electrical system. Unfortunately, after moving in, an electrician can find the electrics in a terrible, and sometimes dangerous condition. Having already faced the cost of moving into a new home, the last thing you want is to face further bills for repair work, fuse board replacements, or partial and full rewires.

You wouldn’t buy a car without an MOT, so we strongly advise not buying a house in Brighton without a valid EICR. Whether you need EICR-related advice, traditional electrical services or just urgent attention from us in our role as an emergency electrician, you can always rely on Mr Powers Electrical.

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